Christian Cambas - Chained

Organism / ORGA72

Top techno label !Organism serves up the forceful goods once more with another no nonsense EP, this time from Christian Cambas backed with a fine remix from Alex Di Stefano.

From being a Top100 DJ when it actually mattered, to topping Beatport charts, Christian has carved his own path through the countless peaks and troughs of this industry. When name dropped now, he is mostly associated with the groundbreaking 1605 label, led by Slovenian Techno overlord Umek. As well as producing on Bedrock, Toolroom and Great Stuff, he is also involved in Press & Play, which acts as home to his own label Sabotage.

Up first is the rib-rattling, industrial tinged techno stomper that is Chained. With a soft white noise backdrop and cantering kicks, this one rolls on and on and will keep marching dancers locked for the duration.

Italian veteran and frequent Beatport chart topper Alex Di Stefano is on remix duties next. His to-the-point version of Chained is a fulsome, texturally rich roller with hiccuping snares, blurts of bass and plenty of drive.

Closing out the package is the equally impressive Durged, which burrows deep into a streamlined drum line as scurrying details, monstrous synth animals and teeth gritting percussive lines all unfold before your very ears.

For fans of proper techno with no frills, this is another perfect release.